PM E-Bus Sewa Scheme 2023: Driving Green Mobility and Creating Jobs with 10,000 Electric Buses

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Boosting eco-friendly mobility! PM E-Bus Sewa Yojana approved, aiming to run 10,000 electric buses nationwide, generating 45-55k jobs. Read more!

PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme: The government has taken steps to encourage electrical-driven vehicles while keeping natural gas releases and climate change. In this sense, “PM e-Bus Sewa Yojana” has been approved by the Central Government, which has been chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Through this scheme, 10,000 electric-powered buses will be started across the country. 10,000 electric-driven buses will travel on the streets from this implementation. Under the Prime Minister e-bus service, 45,000 to 55,000 people will get an opportunity to employ. Through this scheme, not only will people get convenience, but also an increase in the field of employment across the country. To get more information, you are advised to read this article by the end.

PM E-Bus Sewa Scheme 2023: Driving Green Mobility and Creating Jobs with 10,000 Electric Buses
PM E-Bus Sewa Scheme 2023

PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme Detailed Overview

PM E-Bus Sewa SchemeDetails
Scheme NamePM E-Bus Sewa Scheme 2023
Started ByPM Narendra Modi
Approved ByCabinet chaired
Started Year2023 – 2037
Main ObjectiveBoost to E-Mobility
Estimated costRs.57,613 crore
Central Government Support CostRs.20,000 crore
Total Employment45,000 to 55,000 direct jobs
Total Buses10,000 buses
Total Cities 169 Cities Based On PPP Model
PM e-Bus Sewa Helpline NumberN / A
PM e-Bus Sewa Official Website
PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme Detailed Overview

What Is the PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme?

Pradhan Mantri e-Bus Seva Yojana (PM e-Bus Seva Scheme) is a government scheme aimed at encouraging the use of electric vehicles in public transport services. Under this scheme, the service of 10,000 electric buses will be started across the country, which is environmentally friendly and will also provide employment opportunities. Under this plan, initiatives like rapid bus transport, bike sharing, and cycle lanes will also be taken to encourage green urban mobility. The scheme is an attempt to promote green and affordable options in the public transport sector.

Main Objectives Of PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme

The main objective of Pradhan Mantri E-Bus Seva Yojana is to encourage the use of electric vehicles in public transport services. The scheme also aims to strengthen the protection of the environment and make a positive impact on climate change. Along with this, it tries to provide job opportunities across the country, so that people can get the means of employment.

In which cities PM-e Bus Sewa Scheme will be started

The Pradhan Mantri E Bus Seva Yojana targets the operation of 10,000 electric buses in 169 cities across the country. Which cities will start will be determined by a challenging process. The scheme will also cover cities with a population of 3 lakh people, with priority given to those cities which are blocked by voice bus services.

How many people will get employment under PM e-bus Sewa Scheme?

The scheme with Public Private Partnership mode will be supported till 2037, and PM E Bus Seva Yojana will be implemented for 10 years. All capitals, union territories, northeastern states, and hill stations will be covered under this scheme. The government estimates that 45,000 to 55,000 people will get employment through this scheme, which will solve the problem of unemployment. Union Minister Anurag Thakur informed that under the Green Urban Mobility initiative, non-motorized infrastructure as well as bus rabbit transport projects will be developed. Apart from this, new facilities like National Common Mobility Card, Intelligent Transit Management System, and Multi-Modal Interchange will also be started.

PM-eBus Sewa Scheme Benefits & Features

Here information is being provided to all of you about the benefits and features provided under the PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme.

  • The total cost under PM E Bus Seva Yojana will be Rs 57,613 crore, of which Rs 20,000 crore will be provided by the central government.
  • The scheme will support bus operations for 10 years, thereby reducing carbon emissions.
  • 169 cities with a population of 3 lacks and above will be covered under the scheme.
  • Capital cities of UTS, NE region, and hill states will be covered, preference will be given to cities without organized bus service.
  • Bus operators in cities will be reformed, the government will start e-bus service in 181 new cities and promote green animation with government facilities.
  • The subsidy will be given to the state government, but operation and maintenance will be their responsibility.
  • In total, city bus service will start in 169 cities with about 10,000 new electric buses.
  • The scheme will run till 2037 and will provide employment to 55,000 people.
  • This will increase the use of electric vehicles in the country and will also benefit the environment.

Eligibility Criteria For PM-eBus Sewa Scheme

  • To get the benefits of PM E Bus Seva Yojana, the applicant must have Indian citizenship.
  • To apply, the candidate must have a driving license.
  • Applicant should have knowledge about routes and transport rules.

Documents For PM-eBus Sewa Scheme

  • The documents required for the PM-e bus service include an Aadhaar card.
  • ID proof, such as Voter ID, is also required.
  • Income certificate and age certificate should also be accompanied.
  • A residence certificate is required.
  • A mobile number will also have to be given for contact.
  • Bank account details are also required in which the money linked to the scheme will be deposited.
  • A passport-size photograph is also required as a photograph of the applicant.

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PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme Online Apply

How to apply online under “PM E-Bus Seva Yojana”?

  • First of all, visit the official portal whose links provide information about the scheme.
  • Download the required documents and forms on the portal.
  • Fill in your complete and correct information in the application form, such as name, address, age, education, etc.
  • Verify the required documents such as Aadhaar Card, Identity Card, Income Certificate, Age Certificate, Residence Certificate, etc. along with the application form.
  • Make a copy of the application form and all the documents and upload them on the online portal.
  • Fill out the application form fee, if applicable, and make the online payment.
  • After verifying all the information and documents, submit the application.
  • You will receive an acknowledgment or receipt confirming receipt of the application.
  • Check the status of your application, within the stipulated time by the government.
  • When the application process is complete, you will be notified and if your application is approved, you will be informed of its confirmation and next steps.

Through the steps mentioned above, you can apply PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme Online and get its benefits, although it has not been started yet, as soon as it will be started, you will know soon on this website for that. Join a WhatsApp group or turn on notifications.

PM e-Bus Sewa Scheme Online Registration

As we already mentioned, the Modi cabinet of the central government has approved the PM-eBus Sewa Scheme. Under this scheme, priority will be given to those cities which do not have bus service. Even at present the government has not made public any information related to the application process. We will update you here through this article when the information about the application process will be made public by the government so that you can apply and take advantage of this scheme.


PM E-Bus Sewa Yojana is an important step that is an effort towards encouraging green mobility in public transport and promoting a positive impact on climate change. This scheme will not only promote cleanliness in the cities but will also provide employment opportunities and help in saving the environment. Through this, we all together can move towards a green and clean future.

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What is the PM E-Bus Seva Scheme?

PM E-Bus Seva Scheme is a government scheme aimed at promoting the use of electric buses in public transport and making efforts towards climate change.

Under whom this scheme has come?

PM E-Bus Seva Yojana has come under the Central Government, whose main objective is to encourage green mobility.

How many buses will be run under the scheme?

A total of 10,000 electric buses will be run in 169 cities under the PM E-Bus Seva Scheme.

How to apply for this scheme?

At present, the process of applying under the scheme has not been made public. We will provide you with information about the publication of information related to the application process by the government

Will this scheme provide employment opportunities?

Yes, about 55,000 people will get direct employment under the PM E-Bus Seva Yojana.

What is the time lag of the scheme?

PM E-Bus Sewa Yojana will run for 10 years and commercial and public shared operation is proposed by 2037.

Which cities will get the benefit of the scheme?

All capital cities of UTS, NE region, and hill states will be covered under PM E-Bus Sewa Yojana, and priority will be given to those cities which do not have organized bus service.

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